Access and Venue

Venue: Palais des Congrès of Arcachon.

The most simple access to Arcachon is by train from Paris:

  • More than 20 fast TGV train each days connecting Paris to Bordeaux in 2 hours.
  • More than 5 fast TGV trains each days connecting De Gaulle airport to Bordeaux in 3 and 1/2 hours.
  • More than 20 local trains each days connecting Bordeaux to Arcachon in 50 minutes. These trains run every half-hour until 19:35, every hour until 22:35.

Information on railways strike: due to a conflict between the railroad and the french government there are risks of strikes, announced on several days, in particular June 27-28. In such an event, several TGV trains can be cancelled (all booked tickets can then be refunded). Several local trains will operate but not all of them (these trains do not require reservation). We will announce the main updates on this situation hoping that it gets solved before the conference starts.

By air to Bordeaux airport: 12 daily flights from Paris Orly and 6 daily flights from Paris de Gaulle. From Merignac airport, there are several options:

1. Bus shuttle from Airport to Bordeaux train station, then local train to Arcachon.

2. Taxi from Airport to Pessac train station, then local train to Arcachon. These are the exact same trains as those leaving from Bordeaux, This option saves around 1 hour of travel compared to the previous one. The taxi ride takes only 10mn with fare of around 20€.

3. Taxi from Airport to Arcachon which are more expensive (around 110€ during day time and 150€ at night). People are interested in sharing a taxi can fill the arrival spreadsheet and get in touch with those arriving at the same time.

4. Car rental at the airport.

 Some information about coming to Arcachon are available on the website of the congress center.

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